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If you are not getting the weekly email announcements (EBlast) or other troop emails, please check your SPAM folder in your email program.  Site emails WILL go to most SPAM folders. You need to tell your email program that mail from this site "@avtroop586.mytroop.us" is NOT SPAM.


www.avtroop586.org and www.avtroop586.net are both now linked to this page as of 08/31/2018!

BSA Youth Protection Training and other BSA Training  CLICK HERE


BSA Annual Health and Medical Forms--Parts A-C are required for Summer camp.

Posted by Bsiciliano on Jun 17 2015 - 2:53pm

All participants (Adults and Scouts) are required to have a current (within the last 12 months) Health and Medical Form on file.

Shutterfly Share Site

Posted on Jul 29 2013 - 10:32am

Faster easier sharing of photos and videos at our Shutterfly share site.  See the 'Photo Albums' page for the link.  A password is required to get to that.   The shutterfly site is locked except for registered emails, we tried to enter everyone's email address shown on the website.  If for some reason it won't let you in, contact me (wendi T.) see "parents" on the roster.    

However this new "share site" will allow everyone to keep their pics in their own computer and just post to our share site and everyone else can see them and get copies and this new share site includes videos!    The site does have an email capability and a calendar events function WE WILL NOT BE USING THOSE!.  So please refer to only this website http://www.avtroop586.mytroop.us for activities and functions.    We can even make digital photo books and add them to the site for others to see or even buy if they want.   This should be a little easier to use as well.  But remember you need to have the preferences set for yourself when you log into this http://avtroop586.shutterfly.com site or you will start getting spam email from them.  Just set your preferences to suit you. 

Should you ever forget this info (this post will not stay forever) visit the -photo albums- page of this website for the information you need to use shutterfly.

Prepare to Hike & Camping Checklist maker

Posted on Jul 29 2013 - 10:29am

These links are in the links menu under scout skills and parent/leader helps.   Scouts and Adults should consider using this simple workout to prepare for hikes and make them more enjoyable.  You’ll have a better outing if your body’s not aching.      Then if you don't know what to pack visit the Camping Checklist maker and get some help.   Don't forget Mr. Foster's "Art of backpacking" page for even more information.  

Animated Knots to help you learn

Posted on Jul 29 2013 - 10:18am

Animated Knots  by Grog has been added to the links menu in the scout skills section.  Visit to learn how to tie knots.  Start with the basics  or Find a knot by name or choose from the category icons at the top of the page.    You can also buy the mobile app in the App Store or in Android Market.  Learn about the app on the website. It's a fully downloaded application, no signal required for use.    (items with dashed underlines are links)

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